Java 1.4.2 or higher
Eclipse is preferred
SOGL (Still in progress and available only through CVS)


-- Java 1.4.2 and Eclipse have auto-installers.
-- Installation for SOGL happens soon!

-- JOGL download and installation instructions for Windows and LINUX are available at

-- JOGL installation on a Mac is a little more complex...
1. To Download jar files go to
Then to the latest release : Currently 1.1b10 - February 27 2005
Download 2 files:

2. Install jar files
copy jogl.jar into /System/Library/Java/Extensions (requires admin passwd)
drop jogl-natives-macosx.jar on stuffit expander to get a folder containing libjogl.jnilib
copy libjogl.jnilib into /Library/Java/Extensions

-- Test your JOGL installation.
Go to the Nehe website Opengl tutorials.
Select Lesson 1--> Setting Up An OpenGL Window.
Download the Nehe site JOGL example source code for Lesson 1.
Boot up Eclipse and create your workspace.
Use File-->New-->Java Project dialog box to create a new project.
Select Java Settings-->Libraries and then the Add External JARs button to add in the jars for JOGL.
Use File--> New-->Class dialog box to create Java file with the same class name as the Nehe Lesson 1 example.
Copy and paste the Nehe source code in place of the class source code generated by the Eclipse dialog box.
Select Run-->Run to run the application. Logo